Reposter Pro - Roadmap

As you know, Reposter is a product I mainly developed for me, to be able to accomplish my needs as non professional content creator. So this is the Roadmap I'm planning to develop in the short term.
For the long term, it will depend on your feedback and the "success" of the project (i.e. earning money to add more and more features).

  1. Filtering by tags

    I really like tagging posts in Reposter. Now, I want to be able to sort my posts by tags. This will help me organize my posts better and find the right balance between different categories.

  2. Error notifications

    Now if we receive an error while publishing the post, we save the error in JSON format in the post record.
    After that, the scheduling system won't try to publish the post again. This helps us avoid making extra API calls, which could use up our allotted quota.
    The post can still be published manually, or if it gets updated, we'll remove the error information so it can be republished.

  3. Posts cloning

    Add the ability to clone a post from an other, useful to handle different platforms where we want to change for example the text length.

  4. LinkedIn support

    - Add the ability to publish posts on LinkedIn

    - Add posts filtering by platform

  5. Instagram support

    - Add the ability to publish posts on Instagram

  6. Facebook support

    - Add the ability to publish posts on Facebook

  7. Tags autocomplete

    Add autocomplete for tags while adding/editing a new post

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